Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, is it worth it?

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, is it worth it?

Short answer: YES. 

Here’s why:
With Silhouette studio, in order to open and properly use SVG files, you must have Designer edition. Now there are ways to use files without it (DXF, for example) but the smoothest, easiest way to cutting quickly is Designer edition.

Why can’t I just use DXF?
Using DXF might not be a bad idea for some, but not all bought designs have a DXF version, DXF is often slower, creates excess nodes and just doesn’t run as smooth. They also are not filled – just outlines, so overlapping designs/text will cut wrong or need extra care/love in the design process – slowing you down! 

But is Designer Edition worth the MONEY? 
I know, you just spent a TON of money on a Silhouette (maybe even a heat press and some other goodies too!) and now you have to fork out more for Designer edition. It can be hard thing to wrap your head around. But take a look at the comparison chart here – there is way more than just opening SVG files to love about Designer Edition! 

Some Features Include:

Layers (cut by layer) 



Shadow Tool

Knife Set Tool

Eyedropper tool (pick a color) 


Trace By Color 

But Where do I get it for the BEST price? 
I’ve looked for the best price and so far it seem swing design wins hands-down. 
Here’s where I suggest getting Designer Edition: 
Click Here To Go to Swing Design

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