651, 631 or HTV?

651, 631 or HTV?

There are *so* many different kinds of vinyl out there – but which one is the correct vinyl to use for your project?

Let me break it down – really simple – for you!

651 Vinyl – is a “permanent” vinyl. 651 comes in glossy and matte. It’s extra sticky and normally sold pretty cheap (I’m talking less than $1 for a 12×12 square and even cheaper if you buy in a bulk roll!) Click here for sample pack off of amazon! 651 vinyl has many uses but decals are one of the most popular. You can stick them pretty much anywhere! Cars, Laptops, Phone cases and so much more!

631 Vinyl – is a semi permanent, matte vinyl. It has less adhesive so, it sticks less to surfaces, which makes it perfect for wall decals! Click here for a sample pack off Amazon!

HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) – is vinyl that is applied with heat and pressure onto items like: t-shirts, bags, pillowcases, hats, canvases and more! Heat Transfer vinyl can be glossy, matte, glitter, holographic and more!
Click here for my favorite place to buy heat transfer vinyl.

And there you have it, the different types of vinyl, easily broken down and easy to understand! Two of my links above are from Amazon – one is from HeatTransferVinyl4u.com (The HTV!). There are tons and tons of places to buy vinyl from, in a later post, I will be reviewing some of my favorite places to buy vinyl from!

Thanks for reading!

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